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July 19, 2008



Can you find bintje in the USA?

Craig Lindquist

Hello, Greg

Thank you for your interest.

There are several commercial growers who offer Bintje. I suggest two: Ronninger Potato Farm and Moose Tubers.


Phil W

Great potato here in Australia, very versatile and yummy.


You can also order Bintje seed potato from The Maine Potato Lady www.mainepotatolady.com or 207.343.2270

jack mcneary

I got two pounds of seed potatoes from Seeds of Change and planted them today. April 8, 2010

Cant't wait to see how they do.


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I have grown Bintje here in Australia for years now. Great spud. It makes the best crisps (Chips)


Hello Craig, my compliments on our blog! I arrived here looking for infomration on Calcot and then found your article on Bintjes. I took over an allotment in January from the previous tennant here in Holland, and around about May I noticed that a potato plant was coming up in a plot where I hadn't planted any. Sure enough, it was a 'gift' from the previous tennant, Bintjes in fact! I dug them up about a month ago, and they do indeed taste great. I'm saving a couple to plant next year, alongside the other 3 types I'm growing (Aktiva, Charlotte and Ratte).

Just a bit of Dutch potato info: there's a great divide here in Holland: people who love floury potatoes and the people who love the waxy ones, like Bintje. I tend to choose my potatoes based on how I want to use them, but a lot of people, mainly the ones of a 'certain age' are very set in their ways and only eat one or the other. :)

Keep up the good work with the blog!


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Thanks for this info. We've been Yukon Gold buyers for quite some time. Now that I'm buying seed potatoes for my own garden, I'm probably going to get some Bintjes from www.irisheyesgardenseeds.com with help from your recommendation. :)


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Thank you for the article!

In Brazil, state of Sao Paulo, precisely, it's common to find potatoes bintje (binge in Portuguese), but down in FL, me and hubby have a hard time to find them, usually we find Yukon.

My mom used to bake them and they are so yummy and creamy, there is nothing like it, in my opinion.

My hubby never heard of the name "bintje" before I told him, now he likes that type of potato and we barely can find them! So not fair! LOL


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I love these kind of potatoes. do you have more photos about them.

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where could I get the potato in Ireland Irish fan

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