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June 16, 2008



2008 was my 4th harvest of French Gray schallots in Philadelphia. I started with one pound of seed stock in the Fall of 2003. Each year the harvest has been better and my seed stock has grown. I found arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi inoculant at planting and compost tea folier spray in spring, greatly improves both quality and yield. Also reduces the need to add organic NPK to the soil, (which I try to avoid). I agree with your description about the sublime aroma of harvesting French Gray Schallots. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to grow enough to meet the demand at my market stand at the Fitlers Square farmers market in Philadelphia. I have grown all kinds of multiplier onions and schallots but nothing compares to the fragrance, flavor, storage ability, and ease of use, to the French Gray Schallot. They do require an investment of 3-5 years to acclimate them to site and soil. The first couple of seasons can be disappointing.

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