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September 03, 2007



Thanks for the information on the Sunberry. It's the only helpful information I've been able to find. Somewhere else on the web it said the leaves and stems may be poisonous.

Kim Hines

You write beautifully and your photos are gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing your passion for plants and food in such a thoughtful, helpful way.

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They are much superior to a raw Garden Huckleberry which needs sugar and cooking to render it edible.

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I have had a problem I am growing some tomato plants and they have started to die on me. I think this was deliberate can anyone tell me what would kill a plant that's in a liquid form and is also odourless

Jordan Hydro

I suppoes, Sunny spring afternoon, garden stone bench is a good place to study.


Do you have any recipes for the sunberry. I have four plants that are covered in the berry but I need a recipe or ten. LOL

Gary Ogden

I was looking at seedsavers exchange and it says, said by its admires to rival and surpass blueberries does it taste like a blueberries?

Nike Dunks

Simple is beautiful ah! Your blog is very simple! But very unique! Especially your articles so good it! It is all too real attention! But you do friends I admire you


sunberry tastes to me like a cross between tomato and blueberry. tomatoes are also members of the nightshade family, so this should come as no surprise.


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Tomatoes have many properties and vitamin and if you eat it frequently is sure you will see more beautiful because the tomatoes contain antioxidant that help the skin to stay young longer. In fact i read a blog some days ago and i knew all the properties of the tomatoes. That is why i talk to bases.


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I liked your site, you are very interesting to write. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


You write well will be waiting for your new publications.


Happy New Year! The author write more I liked it.


Happy New Year! The author write more I liked it.


Thumbs up to your creativity, your way of writing, your narration, your intelligence and lastly your decision to write on this topic! Hats off man…keep it up.

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I certainly enjoyed the way you explore your experience and
knowledge of the subject! Keep up on it. Thanks for sharing the info

Tore Holmlund

I live in Sweden and find an auction on Tradera conserning thise Sunberries, and googled on the name and find this site whit lot of information, Thank you wery much fot that, and i am from Sweden and your surname is a wery common familyname here :)
Best regards / Tore Holmlund


I just planted some sunberries and actually traded my seedlings with neighbors for other plants. I got the sunberry seeds from Seed Savers in Decorah, IA but live in Silicon Valley. Do you know if the Sunberry needs anything special to thrive? I have one set doing well and others across the path are struggling. Please continue the thoughtful posts!

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You caught my interest here. I admire your post.


does anyone know of a recipe? i just bought the seeds, cant wait to taste it!

Dee Nusz

in blender put a frozen bagful of sunberrys . blend partially thawed sunberrys with a banana and a little brown sugar plus 1/2 tsp cinnamon. makes a nice smoothie

Dee Nusz

i grew garden huckleberry and also the wonderberry or sunberry. frozen wonderberry sunberry mixed with blueberrys extends them . for the garden huckleberry i mixed 1 Tablespoon lemon juice with a tablespoon strawberry jam plus a 3 inch sprig of spearmint cooked with a little brown sugar. Tho this is very sweet the taste was not wonderful till i mixed it with apple crisp. gave it a nice adult flavor. seems both these berrys need mixing with other fruits to sweeten and flavor them. However, they are both purple berrys. I understand that the red foods repair the DNA.

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