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September 20, 2007


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i don't like the shucky beans, i know you love the beans just like me, but i got to disagree on this little things!


I am starting my first batch of leather britches this week and look forward to serving them at Thanksgiving. The first batch will be a tribute my Great Aunt Golden who informed me on a phone call I made to her Thanksgiving Eve 2003 that there is no way I could turn my new store-bought pole beans into leather britches overnight. And yes the beans are from my very own garden. Happiness.


Man, does this bring back memories!!! Grandma and Aunt Bonnie with tons of green beans piled in the middle of the living room floor, ready and waiting to be strung up. And mom picking beans at our Ohio home and the two of us sitting around the kitchen table stringing them up for the winter. I don't remember how they taste but I remember the good times associated with them.


I grew up with shucky beans. They were great! My mom would hang them in our basement. She said got it from E Kentucky (my dad's mom). Pinto beans with a ham hock. Green beans, ham and new potatoes, mmmmm in hog heaven.

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Could you please tellme where the name "Leather Britches" comes from, what does it have to do with beans? I don't see the connection.
Thank you.

George Cole

We had leather britches today for dinner with corn bread.
I dry my beans in the sun. Make sure they don't get wet, must bring in every night. If its humid I, then put a fan on them.
I strung up three (3) bushels this past summer.

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