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September 25, 2007



hello I am growing friggitello F1 hybrid in a pollytunnel. They appear strong healthy plants with abundance of potential fruit. I am concerned they are taking a long time to mature my longest is aprox 2.5 inches. Should I be patient I wonder or pick it and accept, living in scotlan has its limitations.

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W FINNIE - what did you end up doing? They do seem to take a long time to reach desired length (14 cm) - in fact mine seem to have gotten to about 10cm and then just gotten fatter.

I actually grew these by mistake - I THOUGHT I was buying padron peppers when I bought the seeds, but bought these in error. Having said that, they are tasty little things that have really grown on me despite my initial disaapointment. This year was the first time I grew them and they are lovely in spaghetti sauces, grilled, etc.


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